Log Edger QSS-700P to Russia

RL-QSSP 7030x3619 gamma 1.9


High-tech profiler sold to SIYANIE - a new sawmill starting up in Starya Toropa

AriVislanda has got an order to recondition all sawmill Machines from ex Vilhelmina sawmill in Northern Sweden, to a new sawmill site in Stare Toropa in Russia. There will be a new Log Edger, QSS-700P with "built-in-profiler" - i.e. make the board direct on the log, followed by a new board separator. The ex Z-line will be converted to a straight line with 3D-Scanner, new Control system from RemaSawco, automatic log infeed and rotation. The line wil have full optimization for profiling of log boards and Chipper canter with curve sawing and 2 rotary gang Machines.