After sales

Should you choose equipment from AriVislanda, it will stay modern for a long time. We continually develop conversion kits, etc. for older machines. These kits adapt the machines for new methods of application, new requests from our customers, and use newly developed components with improved performance. We also offer several types of service agreements that aim to increase availability for your saw line by preventive maintenance.

The headline "Product sheet" conceales a PDF-file for each product which includes a general
description, measurements and technical facts. To be able to read PDF-files you will need the
program Acobat Reader. If you don't have it already, you can download it for free by following
the step-for-step instruction you will get when clicking on "Product info". When you once
have installed Acrobat Reader you will not have to do it again.

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Top end centring in primary break down machine
Chipper canter head
Top corner cutters for SKR-600
Increased accessibility reduces the cost
Outfeed rollers , SKR-600
Outfeed rollers , SKR/BKR-600
Driven pressure rail to chipper canter for cants

Hydraulic setting bar
Driven centering rollers for DSI-4
Customized sawing in cant saws
Break for fence to cant resaw
Climb cutting in Rotary gangs DS-7X
25 mm between adjustable saw blades
Can Drive – a new way of cutting

Rebuilding kit for drive of rollers in tables, KS-122/124
Presure rail, log edger KS
Candrive KS

Reversible infeed rollers
Pressure wheel for log infeeder KSI-5

Rebuilding of feed wheel in KT-52/53

Rebuilding kit for milling machine

Resin cleaner , Aricur
Rebuilding of positioning servo system
Miscellaneous products
Mixing unit
Cant Turner CT 100
Rebuilding set for Mixing unit